Live 4 Tay Foundation Donates to the Devin Cairo Trust


The Live 4 Tay Foundation has donated $1500 to the Devin Cairo Trust Fund. The foundation was established in memory of Riverdale softball player Taylor Filorimo to…

help local families who live too close to Vanderbilt to qualify for other services with day to day expenses while getting medical treatment at Vanderbilt…she felt so blessed to have your support when her family needed it; now she wants to give back by helping to continue to raise awareness while helping others.

To read more about the Live 4 Tay Foundation, go to


DBS Sorority to Hold Charity Dance Saturday

The DBS sorority will be having a Charity Dance this Saturday, September 28, at 2631 Armstrong Valley Road. The dance will feature a professional DJ and all proceeds will go to the Cairo family.  DBS will charge members $5, and non-members $7.  Non-members must be accompanied by a member of DBS sorority. Please carpool if possible.


Devin Cairo Trust Fund Information

For those wanting to contribute financially to the Cairo family, a trust fund has been established.  To write a check, make them payable to Devin Cairo Trust.

Devin Cairo Trust

attn: Misty Hawkins

2806 Alamaville Road

Smyrna, TN  37167

Soon, bank information will be available for those who would like to deposit directly into the account.  If you have questions, email us at, or call 615-653-7683.


The Bracelets are in!

mIuIaRX8jYn4cEtURwDnE6ABracelets are now available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Cairo family.  On one side, the bands say “Win the Game” while on the other side, it’s #DC18.  They can be purchased for $5 from any senior Oakland baseball player.  Or, email us at and we’ll get one to you.

Win the Game

On September 14, Devin Cairo was diagnosed with cancer.

Devin’s one goal is to “win the game.”

Just like in baseball, things can happen in life that cause adversity.  Yet, we know we have to get up and get back into the game, because it’s not about one pitch, one run, or even one inning.  It’s about finishing and winning the game.

So, the purpose of this site is to provide information to those who want to help Devin win the game.  And, there are lots of ways to do that.  Just take a look at the pages and see how you can get it the game and help Devin.